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Professional Radiology and Outpatient Imaging Services

New Patients

Patients often have some anxiety about their diagnostic imaging procedure. Our goal is to ease any concerns, answer all your questions, and prepare you for your appointment. Here are a few simple steps you can take to save time, become more informed, and be prepared for your visit:

  1. Ask for us by name - When outpatient diagnostic imaging is necessary you can choose your imaging provider. Choosing a Midwest Radiology Outpatient Imaging Center impacts the continuity of care when you become an inpatient at most Twin Cities hospitals. Our providers will have immediate access to your outpatient imaging studies for efficient diagnosis outcomes.
  2. Get a written order - Allow your primary care physician or ordering physician time to place the order. With few exceptions, such as a screening mammogram, all diagnostic imaging appointments must be accompanied by a referral from your physician. The information on this order allows your procedure or appointment to be accurately scheduled.
  3. Check your home and/or work schedule - Choose a few dates and times that work within your schedule. Have these available during your call.
  4. Assemble your personal information - The scheduler may ask for your birth date, a contact number and may have further questions regarding your health and medical history. This information ensures your appointment is scheduled correctly.
  5. Call from a private area that is noise free - By doing so both you and the scheduler will be able to verify information clearly and without interruption.
  6. Know your insurance requirements - Does this diagnostic imaging service require prior authorization? We will assist in obtaining a prior authorization for you, if needed. If you have questions regarding prior authorization for diagnostic imaging, call us at 763.792.1925.
  7. Use this site to prepare - Detailed maps and pictures of our locations, patient education brochures, and pre-registration forms are all available on this site.
  8. Have medical documents ready - Bring your medical insurance card, and any prior imaging if it was not performed at a site served by Midwest Radiology. Imaging can be delivered on CD or hard copy films. These studies will be returned to you after the medical report is completed by our radiologist.
  9. Know and follow preparation instructions - Many exams require minimal preparation, others have important compliance instructions for your safety and to ensure diagnostic image quality for improved accuracy. These instructions will be provided to you at the time of scheduling.
  10. Please be patient, we know your time is valuable - At times, Midwest Radiology may experience high call volumes. Every effort is made to minimize wait times while providing consistent, quality personal attention to each and every patient.
  11. Relax - The physicians and support staff at Midwest Radiology are board certified and trusted medical imaging experts.